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Linus Trips

Managing Director & CEO, HUBSTER.S

Linus Trips, born in 1993, started his career after completing his a-levels with an internship at Siemens Industry in Mexico.

After completing his degree in International Business & Economics, he joined the Business Development at SAP Customer Experience in Barcelona and soon after took over as Team Lead for the DACH region.

In 2019, Linus Trips returned home to join the family business TRIPS GmbH, which is a system house for automation, process control systems and IoT.He was responsible for growing the sales in the field of software engineering and plant engineering.

Since August 2020 Linus Trips has been responsible for HUBSTER.S, the Trips Spin-Off and Microsoft Partner for Data & AI.The company focuses on delivering singular services in the the field of Business Intelligence, Data Engineering with Azure services and Data Science.Due to the own experiences within Trips Group, the team and Linus are focused on introducing BI and data platforms for family owned businesses.Aisde from the classic BI he is combining the Trips and HUBSTER.S know-how in order to deliver Shopfloor Analytics for companies with globalized manufacturing and delivery infrastructures.

Together with his siblings Jonas and Paulina as well as his cousin Ferdinand he is spearheading the handover process from 2nd to 3rd generation of Trips Group.