FLIX 2022 44 Jochen

Jochen Engert

Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, Flix Supervisory Board

Jochen is co-founder and, since April 2022, supervisory board director of Flix, the world’s leading sustainable mobility company. Over the Flix journey, he has been driving international expansion, corporate development and the successful Flix M&A strategy. He has also led all funding rounds to ensure a strong capital setup of the group.

Jochen is an active investor into the German and European startup ecosystem and supports multiple tech entrepreneurs along their journey. As a member of the Advisory Board of the Boston Consulting Group's business@school initiative, Jochen recognizes the importance of sharing his experience in building a company with young people. He believes promoting entrepreneurial spirit, self-initiative and business knowledge at an early age has great benefits to society and the economy.