Jakob Bodenmueller

Jakob Bodenmüller

Founder & CEO, Wemolo

Jakob Bodenmüller studied computer science and Technology Management at the Technical University of Munich and founded the company HIGGS livestreaming technologies with a focus on real-time video applications before founding Wemolo. Inspired by this, he became interested in the topic of security through video applications, which gave rise to the idea for Wemolo in 2019. Together with Bastian Pieper and Yukio Iwamoto, he set himself the goal of digitizing parking management with the help of modern technology and thus making it more efficient and customer-friendly. Less than five years after its foundation, the company manages over 2,000 parking locations throughout Europe. It uses cameras that enable the digitalized and data protection-compliant recording and billing of parking transactions without the use of barriers, staff or tickets. The system records more than 1 million parking transactions every day. The Munich-based start-up employs around 230 people at six locations in Europe.